Paz Pingüina

Basic Info:

D.O.B: January 1st
Name: Paz Pingüina
Age: Young adult (20s-30s)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Orientation: Lesbian

Paco Pingüina

Basic Info:

D.O.B: December 11th
Name: Francsico "Paco" Alberto Pingüina
Age: 5 months
Gender: Male
Height: 12 inches
Speices: Emperor penguin

Creator Notes:

Paz is young woman that loves penguins! She lives in a cold house with her pet Paco. She always sniffly due to the cold.

She has a friendly nature! Timid and clumsy at first just like an emperor penguin. She just wants to receive a proposal pebble from that special someone...

I first created Paz back in 2020. Art twt was making vtuber-sonas and I wanted to join the fun! She's been through alot of makeovers. Paz is definitely my mascot now lol.

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