Paz V1, 2020

Creator's Notes:

So this is the first version of Paz. Pre-alpha Paz lol. As mentioned earlier she was a spectacled bear. These bears in general are very goofy looking and have black and white fur.

Reminded me of myself and my canas lol. Canas are basically white hairs in engilsh. I like saying it in spanish though. It's funnier to me.

I think around this time fashion was shifting towards the late 90s and Y2K revival? I wanted to stay topical I guess.

Paz V2, 2021

Creator's Notes:

She's a robot bear now?! With a little bear robot companion. White hairs are gone. But the fashion late 90s / Y2K themeing is still there...Her name wasn't Paz anymore is was 01997. I guess to fit more with the robotic themeing and to match my usernames at the time (01__997)

I completely trashed the bear idea. I wasn't interested anymore after I made myself think her companion looked like a subreddit mascot lol.

Paz V3, 2022

Creator's Notes:

Humble beginnings! We're finally penguins! Paco is an adult penguin here. Isn't that weird? There's another baby penguin next to him named Pablo. Pablo never made another appearance lol. I think this was just me stylizing penguins in my art.

I knew I wanted Paz's color scheme to be inspired by emperor penguins. But for some reason I could not think of a good color scheme at the time. This was her candy corn era orz. I did not stick with these colors for very long after that revelation...

It was also at this point I wanted to take an 80s approach with her style because I've always liked 80s fashion more. Good-bye Y2K!

Paz V4 feat. Paco, 2022

Creator's Notes:

This is more or less the beta Paz before the final version. Her nose drip is back, I chose a complementary color scheme, and Paco is a baby with his matching tie. I hope you can tell Paco's design was inspired by Tuxedo Sam.
This rendition of Paz on my neocites home page for the longest time lol...

You'd think by now I'd have Paz figured out by now. There was still something off to me. At the time I couldn't figure it out--but now looking back she looked way too young.

I wanted Paz to look like an adult woman. A contemporary lady from the 80s lol. Then *boom* inspiration struck when I was watching Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. His two backup dancers gave me the outfit I was looking for!

This rickroll was for educational purposes only.

Paz And Paco Final Version, 2022

Creator's Notes:

Finally! We're caught up the current Paz and Paco lol! As stated her outfit was inspired by Rick Astley's backup dancers. I just gave the outfit a bit of color~ Nothing really changed just the styling of her outfit.

I'd say this also helped her look more grown up lol.

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