Ricardo 'Ricky' Park

  • D.O.B: December 15, 1964
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5'9
  • Race: Asian-latino (Korean, Colombian)
  • Orientation: BiSEXY
  • Gender: Cis Male (He, Him)

  • Info

    Welcome, one and all, to SUNNY LOS ANGELES!

    "Do you know who resides here? RICKY PARK of course. He's the hottest guy around! He's always on top of the newest aerobics craze, isn't he cool? RICKY spends his time recording only the hottest aerobics tapes out there. For one easy payment of $49.99, you too can be fit and sexy just like RICKY PARK !"

    Ricardo 'Ricky' Park is the famed, sought after aerobics instructor AND owner of the renowned Del Rey Sports Club. He's quite the celebrity in the west coast area! His gym is famous for creating hot and upcoming starlets. If you want to be scouted, Del Rey is the place to be.

    Traits and Likes

    Traits: Likes:
    Cocky The beach
    Ambitous Fried fish cake
    Jock Orange
    Playful Going on dates

    Favorite Song