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  • You Can Do It- Patrick Wilson
  • Step Into The Light- Toshiki Kadomatsu
  • Sightsee- Luxury Elite
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Cool and Helpful Links!



HTML And More

Pixel Soup: Cute tumblr specializing in pixel graphics.

Gifcities: Internet Archive's gifs of geocities site.

The Coporation Gallery: Funny gag awards and other graphics for your site!

Glitter-Graphics: Website with many generators and cute myspace era graphics.

A.N. Lucas' 88 x 31 Button Wall

The Cyber Vanguard's 88 x 31 Button Wall

Mace486's 88x31 Button Wall

Make WordArt: Make old old school word art with this fun generator.

Hekate's Background Archive

Chocotto: Stationery themed webgraphics

FOOL LOVERS: Cute pixels and templates for your site!

Backgrounds With Emma: Blast from the past website that has amazing backgrounds from 90s web

Boorinbubu Background Archive: Archived site with cute tile backgrounds

Court-Records: Ace Attorney media site with game sprites and offical artwork

Sprite Database: Website with game sprites and artwork ranging from many different titles and consoles

Lovesick's Graphic Collection: Old web graphic collection, from neocities user Lovesick. Many cute backgrounds, gifs and more!
HTML Encoder: Turn your plain text into html format

Bouncy Bubbles: Archived site with cute html tutorials and other templates

W3Schools: When in doubt... check them out

Websets By Lynn: Web templates, backgrounds, dollmaker, glitter text and more helpful stuff

FC2 Counter: Web page hit/visitor counter. Lots of cute designs to choose from

Cursor Mania: The archived cursor mania library download

Cursors 4 U: Easy copy and paste cursor website

Dokodemo's webamp tutorial: Step by step on how to put the winamp music player on your web site

Poll Code: Poll for your webpage

RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects: Fun effects for your website

GifyPet: A cute virtual pet for your webpage

Sadgrl's Web Page Builder and Layouts